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Ezra Pryor's
Author Page

Thank you for coming to my author page!  Currently I have two books published and there are more coming too!  Sign up for the pre-order to be the first to get the next book or learn more about projects here!

The Path Through

The Path Through, is a collection of paintings and poetry on the subject of processing personal and inter-generational trauma by mother and son team Judith Brassard Brown and Ezra Michael Pryor.       


So many of us walk a lonely path in response to traumas of all sorts.  It is easy to become discouraged. Pryor’s poems and Brown’s artwork confront their experiences of trauma and the process of healing and repair with this visually striking, evocative work. They offer a kind of. companionship, a reminder that we are never alone, that on the other side of the dark night of the soul is a warm dawn and a day full of possibilities.      


Judith Brassard Brown is a Professor of painting and drawing at Montserrat College of Art and Lecturer at Northeastern University. She has exhibited works at the Danforth Museum (Framingham, MA) the Art Complex Museum (Duxbury, MA), The Gimbel Gallery and Soho20 (NYC), Cerulean Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), HallSpace (Boston, MA), and internationally in venues in Rome, Viterbo, and Trieste, Italy.  Her work has been reviewed and featured in articles in The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Art New England, ArtScope, Cape Cod Voice, Delicious Line, Boston Traveler, Viterbo’s Il Messagero, and Trieste’s Il Piccolo. Brown’s work is included in corporate and private collections internationally.     


Ezra Michael Pryor is an Intimacy Coach, Educator, and Author.  As founder of the coaching methodology Radical Sexual Acceptance(™), Ezra has helped countless people process grief, shame, and guilt regarding their gender and sexuality.     


Join them on the path from shock and denial, anger and bargaining, depression, reconstruction, working through, hope, and finally, acceptance.  Learn you are not alone on this journey of healing and that you have companions on The Path Through.


 This collaborative book accompanies Judith Brassard Brown’s exhibition of new works at the Kingston Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts, USA (01916) from June 5 th to 30 th , 2024.


Radical Sexual Acceptance

Radical Sexual Acceptance is a coaching methodology that specifically focuses on the challenges that LGBTQIA+ folks experience.  Backed by evidence collected from a years long clinical sexology research project, RSA has shown to be effective for people struggling to accept their gender and sexuality.


In this book, we explore a roadmap you can use on your journey to Radical Sexual Acceptance.  We learn strategies to move forward, that attunement and compassion are skills and habits as opposed to intrinsic qualities some people have while others don’t.  We learn the importance and technique for imagining your life after successfully navigating the challenges before you.  We learn the importance and strategies for making meaningful commitments to yourself.  We learn about identifying the immovable obstacles on the path before you and how to prevent obstacles from  slowing you down.  We learn how to identify the beliefs about yourself that are limiting and replace them with more empowering ones.  We learn how to identify and replace limiting stories used to describe the world that leave you feeling disempowered.  We learn about the value of experimentation, and finally, about the value of, and how to build, a robust support network.

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Mindfucking Mindfully

     People often say that the largest sexual organ in the human body is the brain.  Learn how to use this organ in an elegant and mindful way with this guide to common practice which includes 14 interludes, risk reduction techniques, and a novel categorization of erotic mindfucks.  This book is the first to guide readers through the practice of erotic mindfucking as is found in the BDSM community.  With a balance of the intellectual and accounts of real life experiences, it will bring you into a world where anything is possible in the bedroom or the dungeon.  Sir Ezra takes on a novel explanation of the various core mechanisms used for mindfucking to help you understand what is really going on.  Get the tools you need to mess with your partner in all the right ways!

     Sir Ezra is the founder of the Leather/BDSM household, The House Of Algos.  They founded the Triskelion Scholarship for BDSM education.  They also founded the Radical Sexual Acceptance clinical sexology project (sign up at and coaching methodology.  Sir Ezra is also the Host of the Ask Ezra Intimacy Coaching Podcast and Coach at  A recording of the extremely popular Mindfucking Mindfully class is available at the following link:



Feel free to reach out or to schedule an appointment for a quick call or video chat.


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