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Dear beautifully complex humans,
How many Coaching’s are there in the world?
A lot, certainly more than ever before. Are they terrible at what they do? No! Many of them in fact are very good at what they do. The problem, however, is that they have not focused specifically on your challenge. Many of them seek to serve an extremely wide range of people and have not put a lot of thought into the challenges that you are experiencing.

Your challenges are important to me! The reason that they are so important to me is because I have struggled with them myself. I wish I could have had someone like me when I was not so far along in my journey.

I want to give you instant access to my seven step process to building acceptance I call Radical Sexual Acceptance ™

Now, if you want to:

Feel sexy in your body

Feel powerful in gender expression

Accept and celebrate your sexuality

Feel at ease with your level of desire

Feel confident, talking to potential partners

Here’s your chance!

Join us Nov. 17-20th

Can't make all three days? No problem! The three days are each going to be recorded and you can get access to the recording just for signing up!

What else

The Radical Sexual Acceptance™ Workshop is the perfect solution to that challenge that shows up for so many people. The strategies and coping mechanisms that have worked for you so far are now holding you back. They aren’t going to allow you to live the life that you dream of.

Together, we can learn to let go of all of these old habits, and transform them into strategies for success.

The Radical Sexual Acceptance ™ Workshop will show you a number of strategies that can help take you from being stuck to living your dream life.
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Here are just a few of the steps on the cycle of Radical Sexual Acceptance ™ that you will learn all about in the workshop

Imagining success – using imagery to envision a future beyond your current limitations.


Examining limiting beliefs – inspecting the things that we believe ourselves, that limit us from achieving our goals and replacing them with more empowering beliefs.


Building and accessing the sport network – engaging with community resources to support your development and growth.

Who am I and Why should you listen to what I have to say about Radical Sexual Acceptance ™?
Just like you, I once struggled to accept my sexuality, gender, and preferred relationship styles. I struggled for years, thinking that no one would ever accept me for exactly who I was.  I remember thinking in my early twenties that my sexuality was too much for anyone.  I thought that sadomasochism was something like cancer in my body.  My job was to starve it, to fight it, and to never share it with anyone, that if I shared who I really was, I would be labeled a monster.  I had the misunderstanding that the activities which excited me were just performed in porn but never really enjoyed in earnest or in the real world.  Perhaps worse, was the idea that those that did enjoy it were inherently unhealthy or that I would become a monster if I indulged myself.  I remember thinking if I was ever to find love, I would have to be selective in how I presented myself.  The best I could do was hide it from myself and anyone who wanted to get to know me.  
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I can tell you now, I was grossly mistaken, and this might very well have been the most tragic misunderstanding of my life.  A lack of understanding and acceptance cost me ten years of loving partners, caring friends, and peace within myself.  I now understand that the complexity of my sexuality, knowing what I want, and the skills I have developed around my interests, make me much more attractive to the right people.  I connect with partners who breathe a big sigh of relief with me because they have finally found someone like them.  I get excited to  negotiate explicitly, with harm reduction, and respect, in mind.  They deeply appreciate me and relish the opportunity to be appreciated by someone like me.  They drink in every ounce of me, savoring every moment, without having to ignore or deny any part of me or our experience together.  They accept me as I have learned to accept myself and it is glorious and orgasmic.
It is my dream that you have that too: acceptance of your whole sexual self without caveat or exception.  You can have friends and partners that accept you for your full authentic self and celebrate all that you are.  You can also hold healthy boundaries with those who aren’t ready to accept you and learn to minimize the sense of rejection or betrayal that comes with those interactions.  You can live your life being the most true version of yourself possible.  What is more, you can be a beacon of hope for those not as far along on their own journey of discovery and acceptance.
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This is why I developed Radical Sexual Acceptance™, so that everyone could have access to the tools which helped me and so many of my clients before you.  Join me for this weekend workshop where you too can learn the 7 steps of Radical Sexual Acceptance™.
  • How to expertly proposition someone while minimizing the likelihood of feeling rejected

  • How to ask for what you want without demanding it

  • How to experiment with life changes before jumping in with both feet

  • Where to find potential partners that are into the same thing as you

  • How to be kinder to yourself

  • How to reduce negative self talk

  • How to make and keep commitments to yourself

  • How to attune to your emotions

  • How to build emotional self efficacy

  • How to be a better lover

  • How to create lasting partnerships

  • How to identify obstacles

  • How to envision a successful future

Radical Sexual Acceptance™ is the only coaching methodology specifically designed to address the challenges that LGBTQIA+ and Kinky folks regularly face.  It is designed, trademarked and copyrighted by Ezra Pryor.

But don’t take my word for it! Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

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Deb's Testimonial
Dan's Testimonial
Karma's testimonial
Karma's testimonial 2
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How to register
  • Click the Get Your No-Cost Ticket link.

  • Fill out form with your email.

  • You will automatically have meeting credentials shared with you.

  • Put it on your calendar so you don’t forget!

  • You will get and email before the meeting just in case.

Caution: Tickets are limited so don’t wait to register or you might miss out

If you miss this rare opportunity to learn all about Radical Sexual Acceptance™ in the free webinar, your only other option to get this info is to hire me for a private presentation.

Register today and get a FREE Mini-E-Book on Radical Sexual Acceptance™ immediately following the webinar!

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Who should attend?

Are you interested in navigating a path to your dream life?

Would you like to be an expert at communicating your wants and needs to your partner or potential partner?

Would you like to feel sexy in your skin?

Are you looking for ways to feel fantastic about your sexuality, gender, and level of desire?

Are you interested in the best way to proposition someone while also minimizing the likelihood of feeling hurt or rejected if it doesn’t go perfectly?

Are you looking to explore your sexual wants and needs?

Are you interested in being the most attractive version of yourself possible?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions…

And Would Like To Feel More Attractive And Comfortable In Your Own Skin, Then You Should Consider This Workshop Mandatory.

So is there any evidence to support the efficacy of Radical Sexual Acceptance ™?

Absolutely there is!  Ezra has spent more than a year conducting a clinical sexology research project known as the Radical Sexual Acceptance™ Research Study.  Participants use 6 self reporting surveys before and after receiving 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with Ezra.  More data is still required to complete the study but initial data is very promising.

The data so far:

100% of participants who completed the study experienced an increase in their Subjective Happiness Scale.

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Additionally 8 out of the first 9 participants reported an increase in Adult Hope Scale scores after receiving coaching.

Participants are still being accepted to be part of the Radical Sexual Acceptance™ Research Study, so if you think it might be right for you, click the link below to learn more about the study and what being a participant involves.

Did you know that Ezra has a podcast?

That’s right! Check out the Ask Ezra Intimacy Coaching Podcast on Youtube or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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Here is a recap of everything you will receive when you sign up for 7 STEPS TO RADICAL SEXUAL ACCEPTANCE™ FOR EXPLORING AND CELEBRATING YOUR GENDER AND SEXUALITY.

  • Three 90 minute workshops - Values at $375 each = $1125

  • Workshop recording - Valued at $495

  • Downloadable RSA workbook - Valued at $49.95

  • Downloadable RSA mini E-book - valued at $59.95

  • Live Q&A session with Ezra - Valued at $249.95

  • An opportunity to connect with fellow travelers like yourself - Priceless

That is more than $1,979 value yours today at no cost while seats are still available!

Ezra's Education

BA in Geology and Chemistry from

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Currently completing a program at

Completed Sex Coach Training

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Completed Sex Coach Training

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