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Helping people accept their gender and sexuality through Radical Sexual Acceptance©

With Ezra Pryor

What is Radical Sexual Acceptance?

Radical Sexual Acceptance is like a roadmap to lead us out of the trap of non-acceptance!

When we do not accept ourselves, we live in a prison of our own creation.  One aspect of this self created cage is while it can feel safe inside, it is a tragedy to miss out on being fully in the e world.  How much of our lives might we miss, pretending to be a more acceptable version of ourselves, forgetting who we are for the sake of appearing to fit in?  How many kindred spirits might pass us by because they could not see past our mask of conformity?  How many others might have been left to feel as alone as we do, even when standing right next to us because we both were too afraid to be seen?

Stepping outside that cell of non-acceptance can feel impossible, even though we each hold the key.  It is challenging work, often called the work, processing, unpacking…  Whatever you call it, it is certainly critical to our journey, and for me as well as a large number of people I have worked with, it has been well worth the effort.  It may be the most worthwhile of any work one can do in their lifetime.  When you more fully accept yourself (through the work of healing with any strategy), you demonstrate to others it is okay to do the same.  You are more able to show up for yourself and for the ones you care about.  You get access to deeper levels of love and intimacy when you let people accept you for who you truly are deep down.  Perhaps, most impactfully of all, we get to set down that heavy iron cage of non-acceptance, walking the road of life lighter, and  less burdened.


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Here are just a few of the steps on the cycle of Radical Sexual Acceptance ™ that you will learn all about in the workshop

Imagining success – using imagery to envision a future beyond your current limitations.


Examining limiting beliefs – inspecting the things that we believe ourselves, that limit us from achieving our goals and replacing them with more empowering beliefs.


Building and accessing the sport network – engaging with community resources to support your development and growth.

Who am I and Why should you listen to what I have to say about Radical Sexual Acceptance ™?
Just like you, I once struggled to accept my sexuality, gender, and preferred relationship styles. I struggled for years, thinking that no one would ever accept me for exactly who I was.  I remember thinking in my early twenties that my sexuality was too much for anyone.  I thought that sadomasochism was something like cancer in my body.  My job was to starve it, to fight it, and to never share it with anyone, that if I shared who I really was, I would be labeled a monster.  I had the misunderstanding that the activities which excited me were just performed in porn but never really enjoyed in earnest or in the real world.  Perhaps worse, was the idea that those that did enjoy it were inherently unhealthy or that I would become a monster if I indulged myself.  I remember thinking if I was ever to find love, I would have to be selective in how I presented myself.  The best I could do was hide it from myself and anyone who wanted to get to know me.  
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I can tell you now, I was grossly mistaken, and this might very well have been the most tragic misunderstanding of my life.  A lack of understanding and acceptance cost me ten years of loving partners, caring friends, and peace within myself.  I now understand that the complexity of my sexuality, knowing what I want, and the skills I have developed around my interests, make me much more attractive to the right people.  I connect with partners who breathe a big sigh of relief with me because they have finally found someone like them.  I get excited to  negotiate explicitly, with harm reduction, and respect, in mind.  They deeply appreciate me and relish the opportunity to be appreciated by someone like me.  They drink in every ounce of me, savoring every moment, without having to ignore or deny any part of me or our experience together.  They accept me as I have learned to accept myself and it is glorious and orgasmic.
It is my dream that you have that too: acceptance of your whole sexual self without caveat or exception.  You can have friends and partners that accept you for your full authentic self and celebrate all that you are.  You can also hold healthy boundaries with those who aren’t ready to accept you and learn to minimize the sense of rejection or betrayal that comes with those interactions.  You can live your life being the most true version of yourself possible.  What is more, you can be a beacon of hope for those not as far along on their own journey of discovery and acceptance.

Ezra's Books:

Mindfucking Mindfully was Ezra's first book that was published in 2021.  As a guidebook for those interested in the more cerebral aspects of intimacy it is heralded as "smutty low brow trash" and also "a lovely read".  click the photo to learn more on Ezra's author page

The Path Through is Ezra's Second book and is a visually striking expedition into the process of healing from trauma and loss.  This book of poetry and paintings is a result of the combined efforts of Ezra and their mother Judith Brassard Brown.  Lean more on the author page by clicking the image.

Radical Sexual Acceptance is a coaching methodology that focuses on the challenges of LBGTQIA+ people.  The seven steps to building acceptance are highlighted in the FREE weekend workshop and is also the subject of an ongoing clinical sexology research project.  Learn more on the author page by clicking the image.

Radical Sexual Acceptance™ is the only coaching methodology specifically designed to address the challenges that LGBTQIA+ and Kinky folks regularly face.  It is designed, trademarked and copyrighted by Ezra Pryor.

But don’t take my word for it! Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

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Deb's Testimonial
Dan's Testimonial
Karma's testimonial
Karma's testimonial 2

About Me.

Ezra Pryor AKA Sir Ezra Algos is a Certified Professional Coach at  They identify as non-binary, polyamorous, pansexual, and kinky.  Ezra has more than 10 years experience as a polyamorous lifestyle Dominant. They also co-founded the Triskelion Scholarship for BDSM Education, which is currently in its fourth year.  Ezra authored Mindfucking Mindfully and more recently The Path Through a book of paintings and poetry on the subject of trauma and healing.

Ezra is the host of the Ask Ezra Intimacy Coaching Podcast.  They are the founder of Radical Sexual Acceptance, an approach to building acceptance around sexuality and gender through coaching.  Currently they are conducting clinical sexology research on the efficacy of Radical Sexual Acceptance.  Ezra’s Coaching practice focuses on helping people break through to greater acceptance of gender and sexuality to live more powerful and joyful lives.


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As a Certified Professional Coach, Ezra completed the rigorous and internationally recognized coach training program through IPEC - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.  Click the icon to learn more.

As a Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Ezra completed a program with IPEC with an emphasis on shifting energy and creating awareness around what's needed to reach your full potential. Click the link to learn more.

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