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Ask Ezra Podcast Viewing Party

Ask Ezra Coaching Launches the Ask Ezra Podcast with a World Premiere Viewing Party

Los Angeles, California -- AskEzra.Info, in association with House Of Algos Inc., invites members of the public to join us for the world premier of the Ask Ezra Podcast. Viewing party is on Wednesday November 24th from 2 PM to 6 PM PST (5-9 PM EST or 9 PM - 1 AM BST). The viewing party will consist of a live introduction to each episode, Q & A from the audience and special guests. The viewing party will also consist of the first 4 episodes played in their video format. Event is free to the public at the following link:

The Ask Ezra Podcast consists of real people with real challenges and the intimacy coaching guidance of Ezra Algos. Ezra Algos is the HeadMaster of a Leather/BDSM Household, Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios, and Host of the Intimacy Coaching Podcast “Ask Ezra”. Join in as Ezra hears from people and the difficulties they are experiencing with being intimate, finding their kinky wants/needs and communicating them to their partner. Together, listeners will learn ways to overcome those challenges. Often, people can feel like they are alone on their journeys of sexual exploration, or that they have simply missed the boat. Ezra is here to remind us all that the boat leaves the dock anew with each day and each episode of the Ask Ezra Podcast.

Episodes will be released on the second and fourth Wednesdays starting in December 2021.

The first two episodes of the Ask Ezra Podcast includes guests Nick and Melissa, a couple who both identify as switches. Melissa has more experience than Nick, both want to develop hard skills and learn how to dominate without being domineering. Also discussed is the importance of warming up, the arc or a scene, role play, and using chance to keep everyone guessing.

The third, fourth and fifth episodes are with Miss Cat, a polyamourous sexworker living in Scottland. Cat is interested in learning about how to get better at approaching/propositioning partners and dealing with rejection when it happens.

"Thank you, it was honestly really helpful. I've been applying what we talked about in my relationship and being more forward and having good success. Even just with confidence in telling someone I'm dating "you're really beautiful" and "I enjoy you" and being very direct with how I feel. Less fear of being rejected and the result? Them being bashful and swoony and quite a few passionate kiss moments. So thank you." - Miss Cat

Mistress Cyan Saint James approves of the series, saying “I’m happy to see Sir Ezra providing support and education to his fellow community members.”

More on the Ask Ezra Podcast can be found at

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