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How the Pandemic is changing the kink community for the better

Everyone will agree that the pandemic has been difficult. Maybe less so in countries that have handled it well, but a big population is still dealing with stay at home orders 4 months after this all started. Being stuck at home can make community building feel impossible but there are lots of things you can do from home that will improve your experience with BDSM and the community as a whole. First, this is a great opportunity to build both hard and soft skills without many distractions. Second, this is a good time to build your network online without the pressure of finding play partners. Lastly, this is a fantastic opportunity to vet new potential play partners without the pressure of connecting in person any time soon.

It is a great time for building skills because many people are experiencing fewer than normal distractions. This could mean working on soft skills like communication and negotiation, or hard skills like flogging and whipping. There are online classes and discussion groups available as well as videos that can be watched to help build your skills. Being stuck at home is not ideal but we can emerge with a more impressive skill set when we finally do get to go out to public events again.

It is also a good time to build your network. With online classes, discussion groups, forums and chat groups, there are lots of opportunities to make friends and identify role models. Your network is going to be a priceless asset for finding out about events, vetting people, finding a mentor, and more. Use this time to build your group of friends in the community.

Lastly, this is a great opportunity to take your time to vet people. It can be tempting to rush into new relationship and dynamics. This can be troublesome because you may not know the person very well before you let them into your home or reveal personal information about yourself. Without the possibility of meeting up quickly after meeting (at least without the additional risk of spreading Covid-19) there is more time to get to know each other. You can really take time to explore your comparability beyond initial attraction.

All in all, this global pandemic is difficult for all of us but at least there are some benefits to be had. A benefit to the community too, is if we all do these things, when we come together again as a community, we will be more connected, better skilled, and surrounded by the right people.

Contact Sir Ezra Directly for coaching or more information about classes and discussion groups that are available at 737-SirEzra or

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