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Tips for balancing multiple partners

Managing multiple partners can be challenging especially for those that are new to ethical non-monogamy. Often we have guilt from monogamous cultural inundation we refer to as monogamous guilt. Additionally, communicating with your partner becomes even more critical when someone else is joining the relationship and strong feelings can occur. Time management can also be an issue when multiple partners are involved.

Monogamous guilt can be experienced when one partner is enjoying the company of a different partner than their primary partner. This can be born out of multiple sources but one is an instinct to protect your primary partner from the discomfort of guilt or shame. It is important to remember that your partner is an adult and you are not responsible for their feelings.

Communication is a critical part of practicing ethical non-monogamy. It often requires more communication with each partner than you might expect from an entire relationship since we are taking on complex challenges. There are strategies for efficient communication such as RADAR or setting agendas that can help.

Time management is another challenge that people often face when getting into ethical non-monogamy. Often each partner has a full life even before getting into the relationship. Add kids into the mix and it can feel like a full time job just trying to find time to make a date. A good strategy for making time for everyone is to use online shareable scheduling programs like Google Calendar or Cozi can be tremendously helpful.

House of Algos Coaching is here to help. If you need help getting into Poly or Ethical Non-Monogamy or navigating challenges their in, maybe a Coach is the right solution for you. Call (737)SirEzra (3972).

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