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My first International Kink Symposium

At the end of September I will be hosting a day long kink education event that will be played three times over the weekend in various time zones.

Since the start of Covid, my work as the Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios has been a lot different that I would have expected. Previously I was organizing in person classes at Sanctuary LAX Studios in Los Angeles, not far from the airport. However, after the pandemic, in person classes were out of the question.

So we did what all businesses did or at least wanted to do and pivoted. We went to 100% online education events and our attendance skyrocketed. We had as much as 10x our in person attendance since people didn't need to leave their homes to tune in and they could tune in even if they were not close geographically. Not only were we seeing attendees from all over the country, in fact, we had people tuning in from all over the world. W.e had people as far as Australia tuning in. We saw attendees from Greece, Netherlands, England, and other countries.

I thought about these people in far off time zones and how they had to be up at 2 AM sometimes just to catch our classes that played in early evening on the Pacific coast of the US. So, I came up with an idea to hold replays of the recorded classes in various time zones.

On September 25th, 26th and 27th, we will play through 12 hours of recorded classes for attendees at a third of the original price of each of the classes together. for only 40 dollars US participants can tune into the full day. On the 25th will play starting at 9 AM PST, on the 26th we will play starting 9AM UTC, and on the 27th we will play starting at 9AM AEST.

I hope to continue to bring kink education to the international kink community moving forward and foster a stronger global kink community.

Those interested in attending can see this and other upcoming events in the events section of the homepage.

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