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New Patreon with great value for classes!

Our entry level is Super Fan Level Tier for those that want to show support but cash is tight. we understand how it can be so we wanted to provide an opportunity for everyone to be a patron no matter how much. For just $5.55 you could be a Super Fan Level Tier patron! Get exclusive content like the What's In My Kinky Community web series only found there and at for members. For just the price of a cup of coffee you can join the group of people that help make what I do possible!

Our new Patreon has great value for those seeking educational resources. The Student Level Tier has unlimited access to recorded classes and one free live class per month for just $19.84! When you compare that to the price of the class recordings on then you are getting access to the full library of classes for less than the price of two! Not to mention the live class which would normally cost at least $10 on its own!

With Ultra-Fan Level Tier you get the same unlimited access to recorded classes but you also get unlimited access to live classes at only $39! We host a lot of classes and that ends up looking like at least 6 events a month!

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