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Testimonial from Grace

Hello! My name is Grace and I am a newer kinkster to the scene. I’ve had a casual interest since I turned 18 and now I’m actively involved in the lifestyle with my partner! However, there were still some things I was very unsure about, and I wanted to make sure that I was getting accurate information from a non-judgmental and professional source. Enter Sir Ezra!

Ezra Algos is a highly skilled professional dominant, kink instructor, and head of the House of Algos, a highly established leather household. Ezra has so much experience under his belt, as well as a kind and open personality, my boyfriend (my dominant) and myself, a sub, immediately felt comfortable around him discussing our situation.

Although we have only been able to schedule two sessions, it has given me more to think about than anything I have come across on my own. My dominant and I have been in a long-term relationship, but we still had many questions about how to deepen our BDSM bond and relationship. Ezra posed his own questions for us, answered questions we already had, and reassured us both that everything we worried about was very common and we were not alone! Ezra provided me with suggestions on how to better serve my Dominant, and in turn provided my Dominant with exercises to help strengthen himself in his role, become less analytical, and let go. He taught both of us exercises to keep us in headspace during scenes, helped to get us both on the same page when it came to what we wanted, and all while being one of the least judgmental and kindest instructors I have come across in a long while. Sir Ezra, rightfully so, has earned his 10/10 Five Stars! If you are looking for a coach who is kind, patient, an amazing listener, and can give advice tailored to your situation? Look no further! Seek out Sir Ezra’s tutelage and your understanding of yourself, your role, and your overall desires will become clear!

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