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Testimonials from clients and fans

"Thank you, it was honestly really helpful. I've been applying what we talked about in my relationship and being more forward and having good success.

Even just with confidence in telling someone I'm dating "you're really beautiful" and "I enjoy you" and being very direct with how I feel. Less fear of being rejected and the result? Them being bashful and swoony and quite a few passionate kiss moments. So thank you." - Miss Cat

"When I first started getting coached by Sir Ezra, I thought it would be good and maybe I would gain a little bit of confidence and I would be all set. I for sure underestimated my experience with the coaching. From the very first session, Sir Ezra was very easy to talk to. I felt like I could trust him. Now, a couple of months later and I truly know that I can trust him enough to be vulnerable enough to do the work that has the potential to transform not only what I do within my scenes, but also who I become in life in general. I trust too that he will say what needs to be said and not just what I want to hear, to help point out things that I did not notice, myself. And to top it all off, I have been having fun talking as well! I am looking forward to continuing this journey. -Bites-A-Lot

"I thought your Mindfucking class was just excellent!" -Mistress Cyan St. James, Headmistress of Sanctuary LAX Studios

"The House of Algos with Sir Ezra is such a great resource for people already in the kink community or those looking to become a part of it!!! Sir Ezra is a wealth of knowledge and if he is unsure of something he (and his “house”) are not only willing to admit it but also very helpful in pointing you in the right direction of where to do your research!! His classes are fun and most importantly educational!! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Sir Ezra and those included in the House of Algos!!" - Cate Stamp

"I was listening to your episode of American Sex Podcast about Mind fucking and a lot of what is being said makes me really need to sit down and talk to my partner. I didn’t realize how bad he is truly being to me. Just wow. Thank you so much!" -

"You’re a wonderful teacher and such an amazing resource to have available to people interested in learning" -@renaekiser

"I can 1000% vouch for Sir Ezra! His experience in the scene speaks for itself. He is honest, kind, and is always learning and growing." -@graceeventide

"My wife and I took a virtual Intro to Fire Play class from Sir Ezra and found the content extremely helpful! Sir Ezra teaches clearly, effectively, and smoothly delivers all the information you need to know in order to feel confident in learning a new skill. Highly recommended educator!" - H & A (enjoyed a private class)

"I really like your content because you have amazing educational content! A also think you are funny and that helps" - @Ali13642

"A true Master!" - @Zenomorphgal

"I love all of your content because it not only normalizes kink, but is also super educational! I have learned so much from your Tiktok and now I feel like I can play safely and have so much more fun than ever before! -@littl3babybitch

"I like your content because it is clear! There is so much to learn in the world of kink, I found myself asking 'where do I start?'. Sir Ezra, you have really been a big help in starting my kink journey, answering all my FAQs and giving me resources/ I really appreciate you!" -@TsundereQueen4

"I like how you were open to any question. Your explanation was understandable and you gave examples which helped to understand stand it more. I like how you gave some tasks to help me to figure out what works for me." -K. M. (Enjoyed several months of weekly sessions)

"I love your content, it has opened up my eyes to so much more of the lifestyle than I had previously known!" -@BrianaTravis19

"I enjoy your content because to forewarned is to be forearmed. That, and your voice is rather relaxing to listen to." -@Nyx_Corvus

"I would personally like to say thank you for the content that you do put out with educational information that I can take from it and apply it into my life and kink! Thank you!" -@t_callaway

"Kink has been such an empowering thing for me! I've been through so much abuse in the past, kink has helped me reclaim my fears and give be a voice! Your videos are clear and extremely educational! and a great resource that I send to my friends!" -@Tommy_katt

"I like your content on Tiktok because it's very educational and even if I don't practice it as of now, I like to obtain knowledges I might use later in life." -@nsfw_insomniac

"I appreciate your content, your one of the kink educators with solid knowledge" -@Dirk_Fischer12

"I only recently started following you on here (Twitter) and on Tiktok. I wanted to start learning more about kink and BDSM not too long ago. Your posts have been interesting and enlightening." -@CingKrazyk132

"I love the honesty and openness of all your content! I always learn something new" -@QueenofKink87

"I love your content because it's informative, fun and sexy... like I've said, I've got a crush on you!" -@c8lin2290

“I am very happy to be mentoring Ezra. I love the passion he has for this and his desire to strive to be the best he can be.” - Mistress Cyan St. James (Mentor of Sir Ezra for 5 years and ongoing)

Thank you so much! I learned so much more than I had expected to! I look forward to taking more classes with you and Ana in the future, I hope you two have a wonderful rest of your night :) - Nikki P.

My name is Michelle :) I attended your DOM class on Zoom last Wednesday, and I gotta say I loved all the info and resources shared! Thank you so much to you Ezra and Queen Ana for putting that on. My partner even joined me and really connected with the tips you shared on Dom types and communication. It was really great to experience that with him, especially since our non-monogamous relationship is pretty new. So again, thank you so much for putting that class on and allowing us to experience some learning and growth together!

-Michelle (class attendee)

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