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Coaching and Mentoring in BDSM

Mentoring has a long history in BDSM. Inexperienced players would find an experienced one that they could learn from and receive guidance. Often times these relationships would be reciprocal in that the mentee would serve the mentor in a platonic or even sexual way. Often, Mentors would take on mentees in a special power exchange dynamic focused on the growth of the mentee.

More recently, platonic relationships between Mentor/mentee are more common due to predatory behavior by people posing as mentors. By eliminating the expectation of a sexual relationship, platonic mentor relationships are less likely to be plagued by predators posing as mentors.

It has become increasingly difficult for new BDSM players to find Mentors though for one very specific reason. With the advent of the internet, BDSM has become increasingly popular. Previously, new people came into the community in a slow trickle but the internet and websites like Fetlife and BDSM porn becoming more available have lead to a significant increase in people coming into the community. Because of this significant influx of new players, Mentors are spread thin and can not help everyone that asks them. This change has created a need that has been filled by the Coach.

A BDSM Coach plays a similar role as a Mentor but with a less intimate relationship. It would be expected that two people are close friends before a mentorship is initiated but a Coach does not require the same level of closeness. A Coach can help whenever, for however long, and since the coachee is paying the Coach, they do not owe anything to the Coach in the long term.

Coaches can be utilized for people just starting to explore BDSM or having trouble with a specific aspect of BDSM. Coaching can be something someone does on a weekly basis for rapid development or once to help them understand what their place might be in the BDSM community or even just how to find it where they live.

Coaching will never completely replace mentoring even though they serve largely the same purpose. Those interested in utilizing a BDSM Coach should call (737) SirEzra (747-3972) to see if House of Algos Coaching is right for them.

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