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What is the House of Algos?

The House of Algos is my Leather/BDSM Household.

The most common misconception is that all house members must live in the same physical location. This is not true. The term House in this case is used to describe a group of people more than a physical building where people live.

The tradition of a leather household came out of necessity. Many people in the gay leather community found themselves ostracized from their biological families by hateful ideologies. Furthermore there was a need to protect themselves and the ones they loved and creating a chosen family unit could do just that.

A good way to think about a house is by imagining a set of concentric circles representing people and your relationship to them. The first and largest circle is the entire world, inside that is your community, inside that are everyone you know in your community, inside that are your friends, inside that is everyone of your friends you consider to be family, inside of that is your house. This is illustrated in the below diagram.

In a Leather or BDSM Household a head of household is responsible for establishing a vision and mission, a set of core values and additional values, protocols and rules. This allows for a uniform vision and clear objectives for everyone involved.

The House of Algos is focused on personal development, education, and intimate and sexual S/M relationships. Those interested in applying can contact HeadMaster Sir Ezra directly via

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